Make sure you have the requirements mentioned below. Then pick one of the downloads, and read the usage help for introduction of how install and use the program.

Compability warning

Note that while I encourage you to try the program, being constructive and building interesting intersections, it should be noted that the vehicle behavior will likely change in future releases. This means that if you have traffic lights that has been timed for the current release, it may work less good in a future release. Future releases will probably be able to load the files, but adopting the timing would be very hard to do automaticly.



To run Junctioneer on Linux you need to have the following libraries installed:


To run Junctioneer on Windows you need to have Visual Studio 2010 Redistributable installed unless you have Visual Studio 2010 installed. The Redistributable edition contains implementation of the standard C++ library. Some programs installs the redistributable package for you, so you might have it installed already even if you haven't done it by yourself. Note though that it has to be the 2010 edition to work.