Junctioneer is a traffic intersection simulator that aims to fill the gap between transportation games and professional tools. It is intended to be used just for fun rather than for professional studies. Junctioneer is available for free of charge to download.

The name Junctioneer is a combination of the word Junction and Engineer.

Test intersectons with a macro simulator


June 21, 2014 - 0.3.0 Beta 1

News in 0.3.0 Beta 1 compared to 0.2.0:

For further help with the new version, see the updated Usage Help page and the updated Use Traffic Lights page.

To download the beta, head over to the download page.

January 29, 2012 - Preview of the new GUI in 0.3.0

There is still plenty to do for version 0.3.0 which will contain some exciting new features. Having said that, let me share a preview of the port of the GUI to use more standardized widgets using wxWidgets. The GUI will still build on the same basic ideas as the previous versions with tools and tool actions. Thus if you have learned 0.2.0, it should be easy to adapt to the new GUI.

June 4, 2011 - Release 0.2.0

A new milestone of Junctioneer has been met. The 0.2.0 release contains several new features compared to the 0.1.5 release:

In this version, the safety distance between vehicles has been raised slightly. The car following model is still fairly simple and does for example use the same safety distance regardless of vehicle speed. Another limitation that still exists is that fast forwarding work by increasing the timestep, which affects how often the car following model is allowed to adjust the vehicle speed.

The requirement of Gnu Scientific Library has been removed for Linux as it was only used in the Linux version. Now both versions use the same implementation that is independent of GSL.

December 17, 2009 - Release 0.1.5

Today, December 17 I am happy to present the first public release of Junctioneer on over four years. The project has been restarted from scratch with only some parts that are common but enhanced since the old 0.0.0.x series releases on sourceforge.net. While the code that was released on sourceforge.net has been released under an open source license, this version released here on junctioneer.net is released under a freeware license (closed source, but free to download).

This time the graphics are in 2D but there is more logic behind it. At some point more good looking graphics might be added, but for now the focus is the traffic junction construction as well as the traffic simulation. Check out the features page or go directly to the download page, but don't forget to read the usage help to get started with the user interface. (hint: right click shows the action menu)

Please note that while this release has a lot more than the one from four years ago the version number is still low and there is room for a lot more work on it. The program is still very much under development.


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